My Best Friend Pet Photography

    My Best Friend Pet Photography started in Houston, TX, in 2003. My mission then was portrait photography of all kinds of pets. This includes dogs, cats, prairie dogs, ferrets, birds of many feathers and of course horses. Many times, their family is photographed with them.
    Since my return to Connecticut, I have expanded my work to Agility trials. These are a wonderful exhibition of our dogs many talents, working with their handler. In the future I am looking into expanding my photography into more work with people. Please call or email with any questions or pictures you might want. I do home visits and setup in vet clinics and grooming shops.

    Art Roberts & Mary McFarland               860.402.9999  (Phone or Text)                petphotos@outlook.com                 5 Hartland Rd, Tariffville, CT 06081               Catalog                                                Upcoming  Trials & Events  Below                        Please Call, Email or Text if we can photograph your event, family and/or pets.

    Upcoming Trials and Events:

    August 23 & 24:  ACE Agility Club Trial, Westfield Fairgrounds, Westfield, MA

    Saturdays and Sundays pictures are up now. The site is not fully organized yet, but will be soon. Remember that all pictures can be cropped to suit by you, on this site.

    Thank you for looking!

    September 20, 2014:  WDRC - United Bank, Pooch Pageant, Pictures are now posted under  Photo Events. Congratulations to Andrea Pare and her lovely Bulldog, our Winner of the pageant.